When you’re able to set money aside for a few months or a few years, a GenFed Certificate is a great way to save money and earn the highest possible interest rates with no risk.

Certificate Options

We offer several types of certificates:

  • Standard certificate – term lengths range from 6 months to 60 months.
  • Youth savings certificate – has a lower minimum opening deposit to help minors get started and offers shorter, 3 month terms.
  • IRA certificate –  includes Traditional and Roth options. Members age 55 and better receive a 0.25% investment bonus for direct IRA Certificate transfers to GenFed.
  • Education IRA certificate – will help you save for your child’s education (also called a Coverdell ESA). Parents or guardians can make nondeductible contributions for children under 18. First time deposits qualify for a 0.25% rate increase.
  • Bump-up certificate – allows you to increase your rate to the current standard rate once during your term (available for new money only).

Features and Benefits

With any certificate type, you’ll have the option to choose whether your dividends are compounded internally, paid by check, or deposited to one of your other GenFed accounts.

If you’d like to open a certificate, but don’t have enough saved for the required opening deposit, you can open a GenFed Accumulator Savings account to help you set aside funds.

Certificate Rates

Standard Certificate Rates

TermMinimum Balance to Earn DividendsDividend Rate (APY)
6 Month$1,0000.15%
9 Month$1,0000.15%
12 Month$1,0000.18%
18 Month$1,0000.18%
24 Month$1,0000.20%
30 Month$1,0000.20%
36 Month$1,0000.35%
48 Month$1,0000.40%
60 Month$1,0000.60%

Special Certificate Rates

TypeTermMinimum Balance to Earn DividendsDividend Rate (APY)
Youth Certificate3 Month$5000.08%
Education IRA CertificateSame as Standard Certificates$500Standard Rate + 0.25%*
Bump-Up Certificate37 Month$1,0000.25%**
Bump-Up Certificate57 Month$1,0000.35%**
Open an Account

APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield. See rates page for full rates disclosures. ACCOUNTS INSURED UP TO $500,000. American Share Insurance insures each account up to $250,000. Excess Share Insurance Corporation provides up to an additional $250,000 of insurance per account.