COVID-19 Loan Toolkit

Skip-A-Pay:  We are extending our Summer Skip-A-Pay season starting NOW where you can skip a loan payment one month in the period March – August 2020.  With eSignatures or a phone call you don’t even have to come into a branch!  We are also WAIVING THE $25 FEE.

DocuSign: Sign loan documents electronically for protection and convenience!

Emergency Line of Credit: a line of credit to help in this time of need.

May, 2020 MasterCard Credit Card minimum payments waived:  For all members the minimum monthly payment due mid-May is being waived in response to COVID-19.

GenFed Harship Loan Advisor:  Contact your local branch to talk with a GenFed Hardship Loan Advisor for payment and financial counseling when COVID-19 has caused you a financial hardship.  We understand that every member’s life is different and we will work with you on options that fit your specific needs.

Request an Emergency Loan Deferment:  For members who have reduced income due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, with consumer loans in good standing, contact us to discuss skipping up to 3 payments without penalty.  Interest will accrue during the deferment.  Please contact our Hardship Loan Advisor for mortgage payment deferral inquiries as well.

Quick Loans: Relaxed procedures make it even easier/quicker for you to receive funds, and now finish the process with DocuSign.

Loan Modifications-Term Extensions: please get in touch with your local branch.

Refinance your loans to consolidate debt to lower payments

GreenPath Member’s Financial Counseling:  Whether you are experiencing a temporary disruption to your paycheck, a longer-term income loss from layoff or job loss, or are just worried about your financial future, GreenPath’s NFCC-certified counselors will walk through your whole financial picture and help you identify options that can relieve stress, and make it easier to bounce back.  Free to all members – call 1-877-337-3399, request an appointment online using the call request form or visit Greenpath Financial Wellness.  For additional COVID-19 financial wellness resources, visit GreenPath’s COVID-19 resource page.