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7/1/20 - Survey Says… It’s a Scam

Home > About > News & Events > Cyber Scam of the Week > 7/1/20 - Survey Says… It’s a Scam

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7/1/20 – Survey Says… It’s a Scam

Some retailers use online surveys to learn more about their customers. Completed surveys are often rewarded with small consolations, like a coupon. Sounds fun, right? The bad guys sure think so! Scammers are posing as well-known brands and sending emails that advertise extravagant rewards, like a new iPhone, for just a few minutes of your time.

Typically, the survey website displays a message claiming that there are only a small number of rewards remaining—this creates a sense of urgency to complete the survey. Usually, at the end of the survey, you’re told that you have won the prize and all that you have to do is pay for delivery. Of course, you didn’t actually win anything. The fake prize and request for your shipping details are just an excuse to gather your name, address, and payment information. Don’t let the scammers win!

Follow these tips when you are answering retailer surveys: