If you receive a call or text from someone claiming to be from GenFed requesting personal information, do not respond or provide information.  GenFed will never call or text members to ask for personal information.  Always call your local branch to verify.  More Info.

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Has there been fradulant activity on your account?

Contact your local branch right away.  In order to protect your funds on deposit we need to cancel online access to your account and transfer all accounts to a new number.

If your personal information has been compromised take the following steps now:

If you have confirmed identity theft contact the following offices:

Tips to protect yourself:

Most importantly, stop communicating with any individuals you don’t know or seem suspicious. They likely aren’t who they say they are and may not reside in the same country they say they do.  GenFed is here to help.  If you are unsure about any financial issue, please contact your local branch.


GenFed members fall victim to fradulent schemes regularly!  

Sometimes this is due to being too friendly or nice to people online, sometimes it’s due to no fault of your own.  Now more than ever, given all the technology available, it’s very easy to be deceived or fooled out of your money or identity.  


Fraudsters use many tools to gain your confidence and information. You can be contacted by phone, texts, emails, mail, and social media messages.  Fraudulent activity can use a variety of products, including checks, debit cards, gift cards, wires, bitcoin, and other products.


Even if you do not incur a loss, your actions could help criminals defraud others or fund other illegal activities.  If you are ever unsure about what’s being requested then stop communicating and contact your local branch, law enforcement, or stated organization directly to confirm.