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Accumulator Savings Account

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Accumulator Savings Account

If you’d like to open a Certificate or IRA Certificate but don’t have enough funds on hand to get started, this account is for you! An Accumulator Savings Account lets you save money over time so you can open the long-term savings product of your choice.

Accumulator Savings Account
Effective Date: 4/1/2024
Accumulator TypeMinimum Balance to OpenMinimum Balance to Earn DividendsDividend Rate/APY (Interest Rate)
Certificate Savings Club N/A $100.00 0.05%
IRA Savings $100.00 $100.00 0.05%
Regular savings, money markets, accumulators and checking: Rates are subject to change at any time. Annual percentage yield on regular savings accounts is accurate as of the last declaration date of 1/1/2023. Rates may change after a savings, money market or checking account is opened. Disclosures available upon request. Minimum balance to earn dividends is $100 for regular savings, $1,000 for IRA, $2,000 for money market, $75000.01 for Jumbo Money Market and $1500 for eInterest and second tier of Premier Interest checking. Fees could reduce earnings on accounts. We may offer different rates in the future. APY = annual percentage yield.

You can deposit or withdraw funds at any time. Make saving automatic with direct deposit, payroll deduction, or by setting up recurring transfers from other accounts! Plus, it’s easy to manage your savings with free online and mobile banking and your choice of printed or e-Statements.

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APY = Annual Percentage Yield. See rates page for full rates disclosures.  ACCOUNTS INSURED UP TO $500,000. American Share Insurance insures each account up to $250,000. Excess Share Insurance Corporation provides up to an additional $250,000 of insurance per account.